The Confederation

The Confederation of Sovereign Nentego-Lenape Tribes

An intertribal alliance between two historically interrelated tribes of the Delaware Bay, The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation of New Jersey and the Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware.

These two tribal nations, together with their sister nation – the Nanticoke Indian Tribe,  are well documented in the historic record from before the establishment of the United States. The tribal communities, made up of Nanticoke (originally called “Nentego”) and Lenape (also known as “Delaware”) Indians, have intermarried for generations.

The core historic tribal families have been specifically identified extending back to colonial times and their unique continuing communities have been studied by noted researchers for over a century.  While many Lenape and Nanticoke people migrated away from our ancient homeland, our families remained, coalescing into three self isolating tribal communities in southern New Jersey and Delaware.

The Confederation requires member tribes to require a documented blood quantum standard for tribal enrollment and, in accordance with tribal spiritual values, to maintain a tribal ban on pursuing the development of casino-style gaming.